The HVJ Class of 1995, 20th Reunion was awesome; it was great to see and reminiscence with old friends.  We aim to have continued momentum for gatherings and events in the near future – 10 years is a long time to wait.  Feel free to contact if you have an idea or would like to host an event. 

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Amanda Smith (Herbert)
Jennifer Roberts
Donald Moon
Erica Bodziner (Gal)
Raanon Gal
F Pennington
F. Pennington
M Pennington
M. Pennington
Kevin Kelley
DeLisa Wright-Kelley
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Raymond Price Jr.
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Robyn Williams (Wallace)
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Lakeisha Lee (Irving)
Taikeysha Polite
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Kiersten Freeman (Gyorke)
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Tracy Frye (Allen)
Scott Altis
Ashlee Potts (Barker)
LaKisha Williams (Holloway)
Le Dao (Bates)
Michele McDaniels (Godee)
Alonzo Irwin
Bentley Edwards
Brooke Edwards
Demetra S (Smalls)
Demetra Smalls (Smalls)
Anthony JACKSON (Jackson)
Michael Vandercook
Michelle Vandercook
Aubrea Zeigler (Mobley)
Tony Cowart (cowart)
Keith McDuffy (McDuffy)
Alita Williams (Williams)
Mitchell Boyette (Boyette)
Amy Boyette (Jankowski)
Veronica Fischer
Marcella Townsend
Samantha Stephens (Stephens)
LaRon Nelson
Crystal Brown (Brown)
Latrell Pierce (Pierce)
William Rilington (rilington)
LaToya Greatheart (Jackson)
Rachel Long (Edwards)
Nyree' Mike
Anne Westgate
Tyhesia Gooddine (Gilkes)
Adriana Tatum-Howard